BART  Summer Meeting 2011 - Partnership project Across,  

Mountain Durmitor, shepherd`s village Virak

August 25 - 30 2011 Bart Theatre will host Wegajty theatre from Poland as a part of partnerships in project ACROSS , the journey from Wegajty through Hungary, Montenegro to Albania, with performances, documentary presentations and workshop meetings in the partners residencies,in interactions with the local communities, with the aim to across various kinds of borders: the political, economical, cultural and to find new practical ways of communication and cooperation. Creative exchange is building on the already existing collaborations of artists and few theatre groups interesting to create meaningful relationships between communities and artsist`s action.

Message from water In 2011, Water is the common theme of storytellers from all around the world. Many researchers are convinced that water has a memory, storing information and retrieving , everything we do. Wegajt theatre performance and BART Site-specific installations inspired by local legends search for performative response on theme.
- Performance Water 2030 Wegajty theatre from Poland presentation
during the The South Caravan, from 20th august to 15th September.

Vulf's eyes - storytelling lab
Every landscape has a story, Legends, old and new stories that must be told create shared meanings and values in Montenegro culture. Stories, songs ,music , dances, memories reflect the relation between human being and landscape, express the spirit of place - Genius Loci .
- Barter : Meeting with community members and sharing local people's living memories , music and dances, exploring the use of story as a way of conversation.
- presentations of Wegajty theatre and BART field work projects
- Demonstration of practical performer treining and the dynamic relationships between story, movement and natural enviroment of Durmitor landscape.
Photo exhibition "Planet of Shepherds"
Photo installation  in the landscape by Dragan Dragin co-founder of BART

Project Across is supported by Visegrad fund                art director Biljana Golubovic               bart(.)teatar(@)gmail(.)com