Bart Performance  

BART is a non-profit, non-govermental association a group of artists engaged in laboratory .
research in the fields of performing and visual arts.
The BART programme began in 1996 when the founders of the association,
Biljana Golubovic and Dragan Dragin, with initial support from the UNESCO Bursaries for Artists, .
began the Balkan Traditions and Rituals research project created in collaboration with different .
village communities in Montenegro and Serbia and Lanscape as a Fate -a mobile theatrical project,
in Montenegro and Czech Republic.
Through practical training, experiment, long-term field work and the process of research, .
BART aims to create conditions for an open creative dialogue between the various cultural sources .
and mutual collaboration of the various art disciplines to innovate new forms of performers` expression..
Movement is a shared feature of all BART activities: -the potential of the body in relashionship .
with landscape in the performer`s work -movement in the process of the artist`s .
personal and professional developement through practical study of the performance craft .
We seek to facilitate in the artist a kind of awareness of a shared experience with his/her.
surroundings and the living culture.
BART activities are made possible by support of the Open Society Institute of Montenegro,.
the Czech Ministry of Culture, CEEPUS, the Drama Academy and Fine art Academy in Cetinje,.
Montenegro, Prague Drama School-DAMU KALD, locals from villages we visited .
and participated in there daily life.