Bart Performance  

Founded 1997 by Biljana Golubovic theatre director and Dragan Dragin photographer in Montenegro

1997 – 2005 Balkan Traditions and Rituals field work project Rituals for Death
1998 –...Landscape as a Fate , practical research and mobile laboratory on body landscape
1998 Heroines and Heroes - Storytellers from Montenegro
1999 Beneath his Feet- reading Njegoš poems and tracing his road in landscape
1999-2005 Summer Academy, Durmitor Mount., Lustica peninsula, Skadar Lake, Montenegro
2001-2002 Il Bosco Magico , Italy Anmic,Teatro noc Noi .Laboratory work in the Psychiatric Hospital
with performers from 8 towns in the Friulli-Venice area.
2002 Meeting Mexico – three dance workshops with Mexican indigenous , Duncan centre , Charles
University –Culture Studies departeman, Prague, Czech Republic
2003 -2004 Wolf`S Salt –the roots of performing Arts in the cultures related to the former Silk Road as far
as the Balkans :Theatre Institute Prague, Drama Academy-DAMU Prague, Duncan Dance conservatorium
2002-2003 Free Time -workshop with the young men of the asylum - seekers camp Bela , Czech Republic,
in collaboration with OPU Prague
2008-2010 Temporaily in Order- site-specific project in the House with students of Drama school DAMU,
AMU and HAMU in Prague,

1995 Snow Queen , Dejvicke Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
1999 Grandmother House Door
2000 Wedding song– Durmitor BArt mountaine Theatre, Montenegro
2001 The Blue Lake Legend- Site-specific Durmitor, Montenegro
2002 Born from Stone, Gallery Josef Sudek, Prague
2002 Il Bosco Magico, Theatro con Noi, Gorizzia and Monfalcone
2003 Manduchai , Theatre Alfred ve Dvore, Prague, Czech Republic
2004 Atech on the Road , site-specific Luštica, Montenegro
2005 Dream`s Hunter , Theatre Alfred ve Dvore , Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Picnic , Duncan Centre Theatre, Prague, Czech Theatre
2008-2009 Temporarily in order , site-specific , Prague Barthometheatre